I love.love. travelling.  When I was in my teens and grew up in a small town in Sarawak, Borneo called Sri Aman, I never thought that one day, I would be lucky enough to travel to another states of Malaysia, let alone to another country.  But I did. I still can remember the first foreign country that I visited and somehow I still can smell the foreign air until now.









Yes, my first overseas travelling was to Phuket, Thailand.  Because of work, I finally stepped on the land of White Elephant! But my first experience was very bad.  The Immigration personnel at the airport was very rude and unwelcome!





But when I arrived at our resort, I brushed it aside because after bad damaged by Tsunami 2004, the renovation work was taking longer but finally its completed and ready for operations.  We had our first regional meeting there and most of us taking an extra day to see the island.

Its a beautiful island indeed, and so much different from the beach back home in Sarawak.  The beach was gorgeous, blue water with white sand, the island was full of life day and night!



The beach before full operation.  Locals & hotel staffs were getting ready for tourists.   By10am the beach was full of tourists.



Night life at Patong beach.  Went to one of the bar with our group, watched a girl who looked like 14 – 15 years old, doing some sexy dance on bar counter. Old men drools over them and put money at her g-string.  Saw few grandpa negotiate with ‘mother hen’ on price for that night! That image I still can play in my head. So sad indeed.

Didn’t actually have enough time to see around.  The next day check-out and stop by at the shopping complex before going straight to airport.  Well luckily the immigration personnel on the way ‘out’ of the country was friendly! Maybe they happy with the thought that we spent a lot of money there. But I would like to go again, this time maybe on real holiday^_^.












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